Oltremare is committed to continuously improve its Quality Management System through its customer oriented service, providing its employees with the necessary resources and environment to focus on customer’s satisfaction. Oltremare continues to pursue its goal of defect-free competitive products and on-time deliveries.

In the last years Oltremare staff works in a Quality System, which allows the Company to achieve its goal through:

– The correct interpretation of the development of the Customers needs for specific solutions
– The control/cooperation policy of/with the suppliers
– The constant updating of the production processes
– The promotion of corrective and preventive measures to improve the products
– The involvement of the whole staff to achieve the greatest possible Customer satisfaction
– The implementation and constant updating of a Quality Management System in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations.


In fact all our products are certificate and respect European current regulations. You can see our certifications below:

NSF International Certification

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NSF Official Listing

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TIFQ – Conformity Declaration to DM 174/2004

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DNV – Oltremare Certificate ISO 9001:2008

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DNV – Oltremare Certificate ISO 9001:2015

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HIA – Halal Certification

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HIA – Halal Certification for Gulf Cooperation Council – GSO (GCC Standardization Organization)

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HQC – Halal Certification for Malaysia and Indonesia

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OLTREMARE’s primary objective is to achieve ever greater customer satisfaction.
In order to achieve this it is necessary to clearly understand the customer’s needs, to help identify and determine his implicit requirements thus operate to fully satisfy them.
In order to reach this goal OLTREMARE is determined to:

– always pursue the customer’s satisfaction (both in technical and commercial terms) supporting the customer with our company’s internal skills to suggest suitable specific solutions complying with the requirements in term of rules, regulations and applicable laws;

– maintain constantly up-to-date knowledge of the development of the innovative technical solutions and of the market’s dynamics to exploit every new opportunity;

– work for an incessant improvement of the business processes monitoring them with appropriate markers in order to make their effectiveness easily measurable (Risk Based Thinking approach and PDCA);

– Involve all employees and spreading the information throughout all levels relying on the principles of competence, awareness and communication;

– Promote a mentality of continuous improvement;

– Adopt a policy of communication with customers and cooperation with suppliers;

– Constantly take care of our employees’ professional growth through adequate training activities;

– Implement and constantly maintain an updated quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulations based on Risk Based Thinking Methods and PDCA

– Review our quality policy to always keep it appropriate to the evolution of the company and the market reality and to disclose it to all the interested parties (stakeholders);

– Pursue the opportunities that have been detected from the analysis of the oganization’s context.


Quality Polici PDF :

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