NANO9 nanofiltration element with good rejection of hardness and salt

Oltremare NANO9 nanofiltration elements are high productivity elements designed to remove a high percentage of salts, nitrates, and organic like pesticides. They are ideal when a good rejection of hardness and salt is required. The low net driving pressure of the element allows the removal of these compounds at low operating pressures.

Nanofiltration Elements
Model Type Nominal Salt Rejection, % Permeate Flow, GPD Test * PDF
NANO9-2540 >97% 680 A
NANO9-4021 >97% 840 A
NANO9-4040 >97% 2000 B
NANO9-8040 >97% 9500 B


* Test Condition:
Test MgSO4 Solution ppm Pressure psig (MPa) Temperature °C (°F) pH range Recovery
A 2000 70 (4.8) 25 (77) 6.5 – 7.0 10
B 15



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