NANO7 nanofiltration membrane with good rejection of TOC and organics, and medium to high salt passage

Oltremare NANO7 nanofiltration elements are designed to remove a high percentage of TOC and organics with a medium to high salt passage and medium hardness passage. It is an ideal element when a good removal of organics is required, with a partial softening in order to maintain a minimum level of hardness. The low net driving pressure of the element allows the removal of these compounds at low operating pressures.


Nanofiltration Elements
Model Type Nominal Salt Rejection, % Permeate Flow, GPD Test * PDF
NANO7-2540 >97% 850 A
NANO7-4021 >97% 1050 A
NANO7-4040 >97% 2500 B
NANO7-8040 >97% 12500 B


* Test Condition:
Test MgSO4 Solution ppm Pressure psig (MPa) Temperature °C (°F) pH range Recovery
A 2000 70 (4.8) 25 (77) 6.5 – 7.0 10
B 15




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