MICRODYN-NADIR, a MANN+HUMMEL company, announced a new name for their business segment: MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions. Since 2015, the globally active membrane manufacturer is part of MANN+HUMMEL’s Life Sciences & Environment (LS&E) business unit and produces products and solutions for water, wastewater, and process membranes.

“At MANN+HUMMEL, we talk about One Team, One Goal, One Voice. Renaming MICRODYN-NADIR puts those words into action while simplifying and strengthening our global brand. It ties into the overall MANN+HUMMEL vision of leadership in filtration,” said Fua Nipah, President and General Manager LS&E at MANN+HUMMEL.

Along with a new name, the revamped Water & Fluid Solutions segment announced a new vision: To solve the world’s water and fluid treatment challenges so that together we can create a safe, sustainable, and healthy planet.

“Throughout name changes, rebranding, and acquisitions, the core of our company – our relationships with partners, clients, and customers – remains the same. We believe our new vision and closer ties to MANN+HUMMEL will allow us to enhance that focus. I am excited to move forward as the revitalized MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions,” said Jeff Sanchez, Vice President Water & Fluid Solutions.

Furthermore, all documents and communication materials will be updated with the new logo. Existing certificates, contracts, manuals/guides, data sheets, compliance documents, and other papers remain valid. Additionally, product names including MICRODYN, TRISEP, and OLTREMARE will not change.