OLTREMARE is an Italian Company Founded in 1989 as a distributor of chemical products and manufacturer of spiral-wound reverse osmosis elements for the field of water treatment through its technical-oriented organization. Reverse osmosis is a technology that is used applying a strong pressure to the more concentrated water, that is rich in pollutants, letting it move through an osmotic semipermeable membrane to transform it in pure water. In this way, nearly 100% of the organic substances can be removed, as well as 80% of the inorganic ones, maintaining the optimal amount of mineral salts.

Water is an invaluable asset for the Human Being, but very often we forget to preserve it at the best way because we think, wrongly, that water is an inexhaustible and always available asset. So we do not waste it or make it dirty, because dirty water is the world’s biggest health risk, and continues to threaten both quality of life and public health.

For this reason, Oltremare purifies every type of water through the production and distribution of elements for water treatment, contributing at the safeguard of the nature and water.

In addition gaining more knowledge and choosing willful collaborators, we have expanded our presence in a capillary way, through the collaboration of different distributors beyond national borders and through foreign exports.

Therefore Oltremare can guarantee you a high quality and a technical and engineering professionality that are decisive with every your need to filtration.

Our goal is to pursue on increasingly greater Satisfaction of our Customers, by helping them identify their explicit necessities/requirements and working with them to satisfy and meet their targets/needs.



In February 2018, Oltremare S.p.A. was officially acquired by MICRODYN-NADIR, the water filtration unit of MANN+HUMMEL. MICRODYN-NADIR has been servicing customers in many different industries and applications for over 50 years. Their range of products includes reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes plus membrane bioreactor modules.

The combination of OLTREMARE’s spiral-wound membranes production with MICRODYN-NADIR’s global sales network will help the growth of the sales of our products around the world.

OLTREMARE will continue operating as before, but better now, under the leadership of Marco Nava, who believes that the Oltremare customers will benefit from having more membrane options to meet their diverse application needs as well as having one membrane supplier able to meet all of their requirements.


Read more about the acquisition by MICRODYN-NADIR here